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New After Effects CC 2015 Character Animator Feature

Time:October 11
Hi, the new After Effects CC 2015 character animator feature looks amazing. Is this compatible with Photoshop CS6 or would you have to use the Photoshop CC version?
> How do you download a free trial version of AE CC
"Free Trial" button in the upper right corner of this page:
> would you be able to record the animated facial features and then tie this in with the pre-recorded sound afterwards?
Yes, you can mix and match separate performance tracks ("takes") per puppet.
> when you take the finished animation into AE can you further manipulate in the AE timeline - facial features, body etc?
Once you're back in AE, it will be pixels, so you'd do further edits in Character Animator before bringing into AE. Though you could, say, just do the head or lips in Character Animator and then attach them to a body done in AE.
> I guess I am wondering if this software would be good enough for professional character animation.
If it's not, please us know why so we can fix it! Note that this first version is a "preview" so don't expect the usual polish & completeness of a shipping app. It will install (as a companion app) automatically as part of the next AE CC update.