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No audio on dvd burned with idvd6

Time:October 11
Relevant software: Mac OS 10.4.11, iMovie 6.0.3, iDvd 6.0.3
Problem: No audio on dvd burned with iDvd
What happened: Created movie in iMovie (audio and video fine). Shared to iDvd (audio and video fine on playback). Burned Dvd. No audio on dvd but video is fine.
What I did:
1. Saved as disc file. Opened with VLC and DVD Player. No audio, video fine.
2. Deleted encoded assets in iDvd then 1 (above).
3. Removed non-Apple extensions in Library/Quicktime. Then 2 and 1 (above).
I've read other discussions about this same issue and followed those recommendations as well as that in the article
Clearly I'm missing something. But, what is it? Anyone have any suggestions?
i too am having the same problems with iDVD 6.0.4. I just ended up wasting 5 hours of time burning these damned DVDs... what was really strange is that the first DVD I burned was a dual-layer, and I checked that one on a set-top DVD player and it worked fine. I then needed 5 more copies of the DVD, so I simply inserted a fresh dual-layer DVD into the drive at iDVD's prompt of 'Would you like to burn this disc again?'.
Assuming that they would all be fine since the first one was fine, I simply burned 5 more DVDs. Only now, checking them after I've wasted a godawful amount of time burning them, do I find that they're all f#$ked. Thanks apple.
Crap like this makes me steamed. My PC burning software doesn't have nearly the same simple, elegant interface as iDVD, but it also lacks this CATASRTOPHIC problem. I mean, dual layer DVDs are relatively pricey... so screw apple. i will be glad to go home to my PC after being forced to work with this junky, buggy software.

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