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Odd issue after SP3 RU 5 Installation

Time:November 30
We installed RU 5 for SP3 last night and this morning we are seeing a few odd issues.
The main one being that people that have additional mailboxes attached to their mailboxes are receiving messages that Outlook is unable to expand the folder. They still have permissions to the mailbox,
but are not able to access it.
We have gotten around this by removing the mailbox from Account Settings and adding it back, but just wondering why this would be happening.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Jessica Cochran
Hi lzbit2011,
Based on your description, there must be something changed with the profile.
And according to the error message, i found a KB for your reference:
You receive an "Unable to expand the folder" error message when you add another mailbox to Microsoft Exchange Server service in Outlook
Hope it helps,
Best regards