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OIM pending approval task under user

Time:November 30
I have question regarding OIM
we have 2 level approval workflow for provisioning responsibility to user. 1st level is Manager and 2nd is Business Owner. Say if the user submit request for a responsibility and it is approved by the user's manager. Its then submitted to Business owner. But say that business owner gets changed.
this what is happening
all the request for previous business owner are copied to new business owner, then he can approve/reject them. But the pending task under old business owner is still there. he/she can still approve or reject. Client want to remove this pending approval from the old business owner.
** Please note -- Business owner is a group which has a user.
Pending Tasks works in the following manner:
- User : Any task assigned to a user remains to be visible under its pending tasks unless re-assigned to someone else by the user/admin.
- Group : Any task which is assigned to a group would not directly come to the user work flow. Whenever you login to OIM, the system checks all your groups and then do a smart calculation for these assigned tasks. So if the user is removed from a group then it would not see these tasks anymore.
Now for your case, the Group=Business Owner itself is changed. So for new requests the assignment would be to done to the new group but existing tasks remains in the work-flow of the older group, if still required them you might want to re-assign it using OIM API's.