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Percentage free in mailbox quotas are wrong

Time:November 30
Mostly a cosmetic issue, but kind of worrying.
The 'percentage free' column for mailbox quotas in Server Admin is completely inaccurate.
Nearly all accounts are listed as 100% or 99%, despite actually being 30% free or some such other markedly different value. One account is even listed as 101% free.
This doesn't bother me too much, because the actual values are there as well. The only issue might be whether users are getting their warning messages in time to actually do anything about it.
In one or two cases the quota has been filled to the extent where the user cannot even delete messages to free up space; an IMAP quota limit error returns when attempting to delete messages in Mail.
By the way, cyrus-quota gives accurate results.
Any ideas?
I have a similar problem, in Server Admin, under Mail > Maintenance > Accounts.
I have 5 users and, let's say "user1" and "user2" show negative values under "Quota Used (MB)". As far as I managed to search there is an issue in Quota over 2 Gigs. User 1 and 2 are over that quota. All the mail that is in user mailboxes are imported via from another pop3 server, and Outlook Express 2003 also from a pop3 server. Now we are using 10.5.5 leopard server (Imap). Mail is working fine as far as I can see, and mailfbr shows corect values. Please if anyone has this bug post here or let me know if this is a known bug.