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Performance Of  Views

Time:November 30
Hi Guys,
I have a view which is made for four different Views ,
Now The Problem is Its Taking lot of time to Run as the sub Views are having Lot of conditions and joins.
What are the Options I have except making Mview of the same to increase performance of the Main View .
Hi Manish,
1) you don't "use nested joins" in a query. you do joins, and then let the optimizer decide whether they are going to be implemented as nested loops, hash joins or merge joins
2) NL don't cost anything -- i.e. their cost is simply the cost of acquiring the two row sources. You don't reduce the cost of a nested loop -- you reduce the cost of the access paths for NL row sources, and you make sure that NL is appropriate join method in this situation
3) better yet -- just make sure that stats are accurate, and the optimizer will choose the optimal plan for you. If this doesn't work, post a tuning request in a separate thread (read FAQ carefully before doing that)
Best regards,