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Persistant USB Instructions

Time:October 11
Hi All,
I've been trying to install Arch Linux on a USB as a persistant installation. I was trying to use the wiki to guide me along, but in the Beginner's Guide it says to follow a certain link for installing Arch Linux on a USB flash key. I went to that link, which told how to burn a (an? if you say the "." as "dot" then "a" is correct, but I don't know if you're supposed to say the period or not...) .iso file to a USB stick. However, at the top of the page for installing Arch Linux as a flash installation on a USB stick, it has a link to another page which has the instructions for a persistant installation on USB. On that page, it says to follow the normal installation instructions, which in turn lead me to the Flash Installation instructions, which lead me to the persistant installation instructions. I'm going in a circle, and I'm not sure which instructions to follow for burning a .iso to a USB stick. Which instructions should I follow? Thanks for your answers in advance!
Advertisement … rage_drive says 'If you are installing to a USB flash key, see Installing Arch Linux on a USB key.' There you get … stallation: 'Follow the installation guide as you normally would, with these exceptions:' which links to the installation guide and not the beginners' guide, but that's immaterial.
What instructions have you followed and what went wrong?
Which part of the wiki redirected you to … tion_Media ?