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PO Determine Price Procedure based on ordering Plant

Time:November 30
Hi Experts, 
Please advice how can we determine 2 pricing procedure for a vendor based on ordering Plant in purchase order?
Requirement: Client has central purchase organization (1000) for all plants. Now they are going for India rollout where Imports duties have come into picture. It is decided to create a separate pricing procedure ZINDIA and a vendor schema (IN) to determine the same. But since Pur Org is same we are not able to maintain 2 schemas and determine separate pricing procedures for India and other location. Client is neither ready to create an purchasing organization nor want to create separate vendor for India.
I know it is not in standard SAP solution, Is there any work around like some Z development or user exit to determine a pricing procedure other than that it determine based on vendor schema maintained in Vendor master.
With Regards
Sarvesh Vashist
Hi Manu,
1.Could you please elaborate why u need two pricing schema for same vendor ?
My Requirement is to determine pricing procedure in purchase order other than what it is being determining based on vendor schema Pur Org Schema combination.
2.cant you fill up your req with cdn types and records. let me know ?
No, The VSR functionality does not serve here because the existing pricing procedure ZRM000 does not have India localization condition types. We have created a pricing procedure ZINDIA specific for India, but issue is for intercompany purchase if it determines ZRM000, Indian custom conditions are nt there.
3.Do your co have more than one purchasing org?
No.1 Purchase organization centrally.