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Possible to join mp3 files on Import?

Time:November 30
I listen to a lot of audiobooks, and I manage them with iTunes. These are books not bought through the iTunes store, but borrowed from my local library.
I only recently discovered the joys of "Joining tracks" to make a single file for each CD, etc. ( It's terrific to have a single file fper CD rather than the myriad tracks that make up an audiobook).
I have heaps of books that I have already loaded into itunes without joining the tracks - and I would like to redo them somehow.
Does anyone have any easy way to do this? I know I can re-borrow the books or burn them to a CD or burn them to a "virtual" CD and reimport, etc - but that's infernally tedious.
I can copy them off to a folder as mp3 files, then import them back (Add file to library, etc)  - but I don't know how to join them when I do this, or if there is a way. (??)
Any suggestion would be much appreciated.
Thanks for the reply, but I noticed that one of the suggested links on the right seemed to be in the area, so I went nosing around.
Turned out to be an excellent suggestion on using external software to join the MP3s (my bad! should've thought of that ages ago...) and create an audiobook file that iTunes will recognize.
(In fact I knew that once it's a continuous mp3 you can just define it as Audiobook media in iTunes, etc)
I had to search around a bit as the tried and tested software is for the Mac - but I wound up finding a little freeware gem called MergeMp3. It's lightweight but effective and what I liked was that it has various sorting options that the better known "Mp3 to Ipod Audiobook Converter" does not have.
(Also I could get it off the author's web site rather than using CNET's wretched download manager that lights up every malware alarm on my PC...)
All good now and ready to shrink my zillion audibook itty bitty files.