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Problem with product catalog dissappearance in R3 webshop

Time:November 30
I have created a Product catalog layout in R3 system,but when i try to view the same in the webshop some part of the layout has disappeared,the layout structure can be seen but not the layout area name and also the products added to that area i also not visible.
does anyone know what could have gone wrong?
Hi Wim,
thanks for the reply, I have created the layout and webshop in English,
I have selected the Variant for the layout as Spanish,but i have used english letters while writing the names of the layout,i donno if that matters,and one more thing, in the product master for the products used in the layout has english to be first choosen langauge and then the language i selected is spanish,
but still the error remains the same,help me if i cud still do anything in this to prevent the eror.