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PS CS5 Can not pan nor scrubby nor reset to default

Time:November 30
RE: PS CS5 Extended
I have a 64x HP duo core with the latest updates of my NVIDEA GeForce 6150 LE video driver and with PS stating "Your applications are up-to-date".  I have three problems that I believe are all interelated.
1. I can not pan my drawing.  Nor do I have side bars showing that I can ban.
2. I can not use scrubby.  It is "greyed out".
3. Nor will PS reset to default settings using "shift-ctrl-alt" when retarting PS.
One note, I do not think I had problems (1) prior to updating PS with it latest revision.
Thanks in advance  for your help.
I'll go out on a limb and guess that Photoshop CS5 is not enabling OpenGL drawing.  Check Edit - Preferences - Performance to be sure.
Video driver updates can sometimes correct this, but your nVidia card is simply ancient, so I don't suspect you're going to ever get the OpenGL-based features to work with it.  It rates under 50 on a benchmark for which at least 500 is a score you want to see for decent Photoshop performance.
I was just down at CompUSA yesterday, and I saw bunches of video cards that would work great with Photoshop, some of which were under $60.