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PS4 Froze After Update 2.57

Time:October 11
Hi all My PS4 froze after the latest 2.57 firware update. It happened after it was succesfully installed and I was trying to close down Battlefield 4, which went a bit strange during a game. Can i just check that I have done the "hold in the power button for 10 seconds" solution to getting my PS4 into safemode and working again?  I abit paranoid that I've done it wrong so any help is appreciated.  I held the button in for 10 seconds, the PS4 beeped and turned off. I turned it on again and it did a file check which took no time. It then asked me to push the PS button which I did. It came on again and their was the option to fill in a error report. I think everything is fine.  Does that sound the right the way I have done it? 
it sounds like its all good now, no need to worry unless it happens again