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Q10 - how to filter emails?

Time:October 11
After a recent switch to the new Q10 it appears that all email filters that i had set up for my blackberry service have been disabled.
Clearly, the ability to filter emails (newsletter, etc) from being forwarded to the bby is a key feature of the bby appeal, i am sure they would not eliminate this feature.
However - how do I set it up/reactivate it?
I have a standard corporate POP3 based email (no gmail, hotmail, etc)
I have several email addresses
I am using Vodafone in the UK
thank you for your input and assistance.
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HI this a major flaw, a step backwards really!
There are 2 more features that seem to have disappeared (i) the possibility when answering to an email to leave out / erase the original message and (ii) you dont havethe choice any more between delting a message on the device only / from the mailbox.
Therefore from a heavy email users' point of view, BB10 is "forward to the past"
hope fully you are going to address theses issues.