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Re: Question on Apple Care

Time:November 30
Could somone answer the question concerning Apple & Apple Care if you live in Florida? There is an odd Florida state law that prohibits the purchase or use of Apple Care if Florida is your legal residence. How does Apple work around that one or do they. Or are Florida residence (me soon) just have to live with the original warrenty?
I can't even get an answer from Apple Care as to if my current contract would still be good once I move. The folks that answer the phone tell you they can't answer anything once you mention Florida. So they won't even tell me if my Apple Care falls into neverland once my legal address changes.
If you live in Missouri now and buy a Apple Computer and register it, then buy an AppleCare Protection Plan and enroll it using your Missouri address, you will have no trouble later on if you need to get your computer repaired through AppleCare in Florida. If you buy the APP in another state and enroll it, moving to Florida does not cancel it. It's only the sale of the plans themselves that is prohibited, not the service they provide. You can safely change your address and your APP will continue to provide you service.