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Recommend web development app

Time:November 30
Hi All,
Though I have an aging G3 iMac, I don't really consider myself a Mac guy. I run a design and development studio and run all PC's. My computers are getting near to end of life and I have to start investing in new hardware and would like to do a slow switchover to Mac's.
The one thing that has stood in my way is that I use a product called HomeSite for web development and encourage my employees to do the same. It's a true html editor in that it's not WYSIWYG, but color codes standard html, php, asp, and javascript (all of which we develop in regularly); and has a full complement of standard tag buttons and allows for custom made ones as well. The color coding may seem like fluff, but HomeSite recognizes standard language functions, as well as custom ones and it can help in coding and debugging. Basically, if you write a PHP variable and don't precede it with a dollar sign, it doesn't change to bold blue and you know you did something wrong.
So, if I can find an editor that has all the functionality of HomeSite for the Mac, I'm ready to switch. However, I'm not having much luck in finding an app. On Linux, there's Quanta for the KDE desktop, which is customizable and would probably work. Is it possible to get a KDE app running on X?
Anyway, I'd appreciate any advice on where to look for editors and recommendations.
Advertisement sells Quanta GOLD for mac.
I have successfully transitioned to Mac. I use Zend Studio for (X)HTML/PHP/MySQL development. I know you can run X11 apps but not sure if you can run Quanta.