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Reset Printing System does not exist on my computer!!!

Time:October 11
I have been trying to get my HP PSC 2175 to print and working with HP support to do this. It just prints out blank pages. The last thing they sent me was to Reset the printing system using the Printer Setup Utility. And they sent me to the below link:
For whatever reason, the "Reset Printing System" DOES NOT EXIST on my computer. I actually sent screen captures to show them. The first showed my
version of the Printer Setup Utility (3.0) and the second showed the
Printer Setup Utility menu - with no such option. I am running OS 10.4.4 and have all of the updates. I even opened the Printer Setup Utility holding down the "option" key.
Does anyone know how to reclaim this feature???
After all of the emails back and forth with HP, I have really only done two things: A complete manual uninstall - which is a royal pain in the butt. That is worse than any uninstall with windows, and way worse than Class MacOS. Then they kept trying to get me to Reset the Printing system - which is what I can't do.
I upgraded to Tiger via a DVD - straight from the box. I had 10.3.x, bought Tiger and upgraded. I have since updated it via the website. I think what I just installed was the combo updater - but I don't think it really did anything as I had already done that.
If there is a better way to go, please let me know. I searched all over Apple's site for just that piece of the printing system, but unlike the old OS, there doesn't seem to be a way to download those components.