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RMAN recovery from tape and disk?

Time:October 11
Hey Guys,
Here is my scenario: -
I have Oracle 10g and I am using RMAN to backup to disk and then I use Networker to backup on tapes from disk (retention is set to 30 days on tapes). On RMAN - my retention policy is set to recovery window of 5 days after which it deletes the obsolete backup from disk and updates the control file.
My Questions:
1. If I have to recover any datafile or tablespace 20 days ago how can I restore it on Production. Since I am also backing up control files on tapes but my current control file will not have 20 days old information. Is there any way that I can restore my old backup?
2.How can I test my tape backup which is older than 5 days. In other words how can I restore my database from tape on another server/
Please suggest.
If you need to restore the whole database to a point in time that is 20 days old, you "only" need:
1. to identify the right control file backup
2. restore this control file backup with Networker
3. start the instance in mount mode
4. list required datafiles and archived redo logs backup sets listed in this control file with LIST BACKUP
5. restore these backup sets with Networker
6. restore and recover database with RMAN with the right SET UNTIL clause.
If you need to restore only 1 tablespace, that's Tablespace Point In Time Recovery (TSPITR) and is another story.
I don't think you can only restore 1 datafile that is 20 days old and leave other datafiles up-to-date (unless there is only 1 datafile in the tablespace and in this case this is TSPITR).