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Routers that work with iChat AV?

Time:November 30
Since Apple's list of approved routers hasn't been updated for years, I would love to hear from anyone who has purchased a router recently that works with iChat for audio/video, including any special setting changes/tips. Could anyone with a success story post here? I'm tired of the error 8 messages which in at least some cases seems to be router related.
I have used the DI-604 for about 5 years now. It is a great and cheap router/firewall. The only problem that I have ever had was an odd one. I have a mac pro. i have an external amp that I use for playing my music through. I had a cable run from the rear audio out to the amp. After the last firmware update (mac pro EFI firmware update 1.1) I could not use ichat anymore. If I bypassed the router and went straight to the modem then all was fine. It turned out that there was a major conflict with my setup using the router and rear audio out port but if i used the front headphone jack everything was fine. Other than that the DI-604 is very good. I open port 5190 on the router and have good results. If you are not sure how to open up ports then check out this site. It shows to open up a whole pile of ports but the 5190 port works fine for me. m
I would also recommend this fine site from one of the other posters. Ralph Johns site is excellent
and of course what Apple has to say about their firewall