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Setting up multiple event videos on a single screen

Time:October 11
I love the concept of multiple short video presentations being selected an playing off a single screen, but I've run into a seemingly simple issue that I can't figure out. My procedure has been as follows:
create a basic three second slide
add multiple F4Vs to the screen and hide them. (none of the available skins have a "close" or "exit" button on them)
set up each video to display for the rest of the slide and check the "pause slide until end of video" box
create buttons for each video using the "Show" action.
At this point, the videos all operate perfectly and the playbar attached (currently haloSkin3) are tabbing very nicely - but when a selected video ends, I can't close it - there's no button on the playbar to re-hide it/close it and stay on the same slide.
I know I can develop seperate mini-projects containing individual sychronized videos and pile them all in my SCO, but I'm hoping for a more elegant solution than having multiple pop-up windows.
Probably not seeing the forest for the trees, but that's why I am reaching out here!
Hi There,
Welcome to Adobe Forums.
Please try this:
1) Add a button or a smart shape (use it as a button) on the video.
2) Click on the video and press CTRL key from keypad and click on the button or the smart shape (which was added on the video).
3) Right click on them and create a Group. (This will create a group of video and the button which was added on it)
4) Click on the button which you are using to show the video and change the action to show the group.
5) Click on the button which was added on the video and select the action to hide the group.
This may help you in showing the video with the exit button and you can exit the video also. You can change the name of the button accordingly.
Please let me know if this helps.