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Solution Manager prepared for the Remote Service Delivery?

Time:November 30
In preparation of GoingLive Session, we received a mail with some questions. Among them the following:
Is your Solution Manager prepared for the Remote Service Delivery? Yes/No  
Is the solution transferred to SAP?: Yes/No  
What does the first question mean? what should be done to prepare the Solman for session delivery?
How do I check if the solution is transferred to SAP?
Thanks a lot,
Hello Dino,
The SAP Solution Manager is a platform for the delivery of services for the following areas:
●     Risk minimization
●     Optimization of SAP solutions
●     Knowledge transfer
Services in the SAP Solution Manager are services which help you to monitor and optimize the performance and availibility of your system landscapes and minimize your system operation risks.
You can have the support services performed by SAP or perform them yourself:
●     Remote Services
SAP experts deliver this service type via a remote connection (SAP Safeguarding Services, e.g. SAP GoingLive Check).
For checking whether solution manager is prepared for remote service delivery u need to check the following.
You have:
●     created a solution.
●     set-up a connection to the SAP Service Marketplace (Explorer).
       1.      Choose the transaction SOLUTION_MANAGER.
       2.      Choose Delivery of SAP Services ® Service Plan, in Operations.
       3.      Choose Order Service from SAP.
You go to the Service Catalog.
       4.      Choose the link to the service.
The system goes to the catalog entry of the service, in the SAP Service Marketplace.
       5.      Follow the procedure described in the SAP Service Marketplace.
Solution transfered to SAP means that the u have done the configuration, testing and validation of the SAP system components and then transfered this to the satellite systems connected to Solman. Please note that solman is the central point of access for supporting implementation activities and the satellite systems are SAP systems comnected to solman in the landscape.
Hope this helps. Please assign points and let me know if u need anything specific.