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Zire72 and garmin mobile xt


Gentlemen: I am trying to install the program Garmin Mobile XT in my PalmZire 72. I have a Adapt AD-350+ Bluetooth GPS receiver. The program initiates the installation, however, I receive the following message: "FATAL ALERT - Emul68KMain.c, line: 438

Fatal error message: unable to open new software application on Tungsten e2


I recently downloaded a new software program onto my tungsten e2- I had to put it on my 1gb memory card of course because I've used up all my internal memory. I already had another software app on the card that works perfectly. And I also still have

Fatal Error during Sync


My Tungsten E froze up and so I did a hard reset. Now when I try to sycn I get a fatal alert when it gets to versamail. The fatal alert has the following message: Emul68kmain.c, Line:403, illegal instruction 0008 at address 002EF9B0 Well it gives me

Fatal Error when Hotsync'ing with XP and Zire72


I have a Zire72 and am running Palm Desktop on my XP machine.  All has been well Hotsync'ing between the two until the other day when my battery on the Zire72 drained.  Well, we all know what that means.  Thanksfully, I had done a successful backup a

Web Pro will not run


When I try to connect my Zire 72 to the web via web pro using a bluetooth link to my Motorola V9 I get: 'Fatal Error  emul68KMain. C, Line:456, line 1111 exception at address 005F04B4' I have tested the bluetooth connection to the phone and the Palm

VersaMail deleted from TungstenE in Error


On my Palm TungstenE I added an account for AOL but it never worked.  So I decided (erroneously) that I didn't need either AOL or VersaMail.  I then deleted VersaMail but when I tried to delete the AOL acct it said I had to have at least one listed. 

Treo 680 GSM Crashes and Reboots when using Instant Messaging Software


I've had this problem since I got the phone last week and haven't had the time to look into it at all.  Whenever I use the AIM software provided by AT&T or a 3rd party software such as Toccer the phone will crash and reset if i leave the program or r