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how to rebuild cisco prime


Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 : Nms:RAID - RAID is Bad Detect rebuild progress


Hi, I'm having problem on our Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 which is always happen HDD failure. FYI, HDD failed at Slot 1. This is details of message taken from our Cisco Prime alarms;                 raid is bad detect rebuild progress... enclosure

Issues with Cisco Prime LMS 4.2.3


Hi, I'm trailing Cisco Prime LMS 4.2.3 Soft appliance on ESXi before I deploy it into a live environment and am having some issues. I've upgraded to version 4.2.3 and the box was working fine after the upgrade however on power it up today the Apache

Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 is not working https & ncs


Hi, I have just deploy Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 in a virtual appliance (Vmware Esxi 5.1). Console is ok & setup is also completed. but there is no NCS application. only app is shwoing: NCSPNP Cannot access from https also. Please suggest how to

How to customize email notifications sent by Cisco Prime.


Hi, We have been receiving email alerts for any unresponsive devices in Cisco Prime. I was able to find the option to customize the subject for such email alert under Admin-Network-Notification and Action settings, however I am not able to locate the

Ask the Expert: Overview of Cisco Prime Service Catalog and Process Orchestrator Solutions


Welcome to this Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about the Cisco Prime Service Catalog and Process Orchestrator solutions. Cisco expert Jason Davis will discuss Cisco’s network man

Ask The Expert: Understanding, Implementing, and Troubleshooting Cisco Prime Network


Ask questions and learn about Cisco Prime Network with Cisco experts Vignesh Rajendran Praveen and Jaminder Singh Bali. Cisco Prime Network is and  Cisco Prime Network provides cost-effective device operation, administration and network fault managem

What are the features supported in Cisco Prime Infrastructure for WLAN for autonomous AP's?


What are the features supported in Cisco Prime Infrastructure for WLAN for autonomous AP's?• PI provides visibility for autonomous  clients within the same list view as lightweight and wired clients (client list  page). • Rogue AP detection for auton

Replicate in the Master controller and creation of new user with cisco prime infrastructure 2.1.


Hello!! We have multiple controllers Cisco WLC 5508 (all running software version distributed in various buildings and a controller in other control building (also Cisco WLC 5508) operating as Master and backup of the buildings's

Error coming while installing Cisco Prime 4.2 on Windows Server 2008 R2


Hi, I'm trying to install Cisco Prime 4.2 on Windows Server 2008 R2. While initiating the installation, message box "Error: csv not found" appears, and the installation terminates. Is there any csv template need to be copied at any location befo

Cisco Prime 1.2 - cannot delete "Unassigned" Campus


Hi, has anybody an idea how to delete Unassigned Campus? I went through I think all documentation and they are speaking that only "System Campus" cannot be deleted, but not a single word about "Unassigned" campus. All the campuses belo

Issue with backup NCS via NFS (Cisco Prime NCS 1.2.0)


Hello, Does someone have issue with backup NCS via externally mounted location (NFS)? I have Cisco Prime NCS 1.2.0 and tried backup it to external resources, but I have issue with my free space: NCS/admin# backup ncs repository backup_nfs % Creating

Cisco prime 4.2 monitor SFP conn & isdn active call session


Hello all, my customer already bought cisco prime 4.2 , they asked me if this cisco prime is able to monitor the SFP (fiber connector) status active/not active and monitor the voice call active session for 24 hours ? anyone can help me to configure i

Cisco Prime Rogue AP Report - No Rogues from 3702 Series AP's


I am running Cisco Prime Infrastructure (2.1) that manages a Cisco 5508 WLC (7.6). We have multiple version of AP's managed by this WLC to include 1142, 2602, 3702, etc...In Cisco prime when we run a Rogue AP Report. None of the Rogue AP's discovered

Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance IPPhone 3901 no serial number report


Hi All, I have installed Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance in my office and try to create phone inventory report , so far no problem , but when i add IPPhone 3901 there no serial number in the report , I have enable web access on the phone , i can

User Name and Password for Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1


Hi all: I am stuck at the login page of Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1. I have tried using the user name root and its password (when log in with root at Vsphere Client) and also the login user name "before" get into the appliance infrastructure,

Cisco Prime - Running LMS on a Windows PDC


Greetings, Due to certain limitations we must run Cisco Prime on a Windows PDC (Primary Domain Controller).  This isn't supported, and the install/upgrade won't let you accomplish this, but I think on our Windows 2008 R2 Server Cisco Prime was origin

Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment with BE7K and VMWare license


Hello, I am looking for some help trying to figure out if Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment can be used to upgrade our existing 7.1.5 cluster.  From what I have read there is a API problem with the VMWare license that comes with the BE7K.  But aft

Cisco Prime 1.3 applications dashboard not visible


Dear all, I have added a flow exporter from 2 wlc 5508 in direction of our Cisco Prime, under system / data sources i see data from my controllers coming but status is down. Addtionally I cannot see under details dashboards the applications dashboard

Web Interface of Cisco Prime 2.1 not working


Excuse me! I install the trial version cisco prime 2.1 (OVA) on ESXi server I can ping cisco prime but web interface of cisco prime not worinking prime/admin# ncs status Health Monitor Server is running. Ftp Server is running Database server is runni

When is Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 released, and what does 2.0 offer?


                   We are running Prime Infrastructure 1.3 primarily for wireless management at this point.  We have enough licenses to add all our switches, routers, and firewalls, but we're hesitant to do so until 2.0 comes out.  While there are so