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How to use the separate symbol in the text field in the adobe form.


Hi,experts, I don’t know how to use the separate symbol to make a paragraph separate into several lines correctly in the text field in the adobe form. Action: 1. config the ADS successfully. 2. create the adobe form with a mult-line textfield(binding

Help with text format


I am attempting to emulate an example in shown in: With the following code fieldFormat = new NameFormat(); JFormattedTextField rField = new JFormattedTextField(fieldFormat); r

Looking for a simple way to convert a string to title case


New to LiveCycle and Javascript.  Looking for a simple way to convert a string to title case, except acronyms.  Currently using the the following, it converts acronyms to lower case: var str  =  this.rawValue; var upCase = str.split(" "); for(i=

The remote sever returned an error: (401) Unauthorized


When I am trying to get the list items from the SharePoint 2013 list buy using the CSOM, it gives the Unauthorized Error. I have created the Priveder hosted App. I have the owner permission in the site. What are the possible troubleshoot steps. My co

Code incorporation for field validation


Ok i have created an addressbook program using breazy swing and other java components. I have compleated vevery thing except for validation of things entered into an object. Here is my code. There are 4 file and then one file that i am attempting to

Dictionary : comparing values of diffrent key


i want to compare the values of  key  eg hi  (hello,hi) how (hello,good) thn hello= 1 or hello present in both and it should compare with value "good "alsoFor some reason, with all the specific questions you've asked on these subjects, I get the