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Tabbed Panels & IE 7 Weirdness

Time:November 30
I have a page that contains 5 instances of the DW CS3 spry tabbed panels. All work fine in IE 8 & FF 3 on Windows (and Safari & FF on Mac).
But in Win IE 7, the content of two of those panels is hidden on page load. The tabs and text within the tabs shows up fine, and the panels are both expanded to approximately the size they should be with content, but the content itself is hidden. Viewing the source code shows the content of those panels is rendering to the page, but it's acting as if it's hidden.
Here's where it gets weird: If I scroll the page such that the bottom edge of the containing panel is touching the edge of the browser window, the contents suddenly appear! Scrolling further either way up or down makes the contents disappear.
The link to the offending page:
The offending tabbed panels are in the right-hand column (Polls/Queries) and (Chats/Forums) ... all the other tabbed panels on the page work fine in IE 7.
Thanks ...
- jr
Your page took an inordinately long time to load on my system, and I am using the browsers in which you said your page works.
This leads me to believe that your primary difficulty is with the validation of your code. matically)&doctype=Inline&group=1&user-agent=W3C_Validator/1.654
will show the report I received from the w3c validator.
You will find some errors that relate to the Spry, and the Spry might be all right...the validator will not recognize the Spry appropriately.
If you can work your way through validating the code on your pages, you may also fix the apparent difficulty with your Spry Tabbed Panels not showing up.