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Test ACS SE / Remote Agents

Time:November 30
We are deploying two new ACS SE's using RA's talking to AD. These will be used for PEAP authentication of wireless users. I was wondering if there is an easy way to test user authentication so that I can verify the Remote Agent is talking properly to our AD (RA is not running on a domain controller)? Our test wireless lan controller is being used for other testing, and I don't want to add the ACS to our production controllers at this point. Basically, I have the ACS SE, the server on which the RA is running, and a workstation that I can use for testing. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
If you can fetch all AD groups that means RA is able to communicate with DC.
ACS-->External user db--> Database group mapping--->Windows--->New Configuration--->Highlight your domain name and submit---->Now click on your domain name and ADD Mapping.
If you see all group that means you are all set.
Also make sure your remote agent status should say Available and Used by ACS.
ACS--->Network configuration--->Remote agent.
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