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The perennial SFW optimise to filesize question

Time:December 10
Problem: Save for web in an action: save for web >jpeg> optimise for filesize records the quality value for the image used when the action is recorded.
Apparently there is no way in the action or via scripting to get SFW to repeat that proceedure for each image in a batch.
Does anyone know of a windows script that can do this?
Apparently the only way is to write a jpeg, read back its filesize, adjust compression level and repeat.
Also apparently there are scripts out there, but I cannot find any - even on ps-scripts.
Non-commercial or commercial, plugin or script, I'll take anything.
CoburnStreet wrote:
My IQ526 touchscreen does not work after upgrading to Win 7 Ultimate, using the upgrade software provided by HP.
I have a good installation of Win 7, diagnostics run fine, and installed the touchscreen drivers from the HP website in the recommonded order.
The Touchsmart software seems to be installed OK, and the screen "pings" when touched, but the touchscreen functionality does not work.
Any ideas on where I go from here, please?
Thank you.
hey Coburn,  if you've done all of that ... it's either a touch failure or some type of software failure.  have you tried performing a system recovery?  if it works after the system  recovery then it's like a software problem but if it doesn't, it's a hardware problem.  at that point you should contact HP.