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The specified cluster object CLUSTER could not be found

Time:November 30
I'm trying to install NCS on two SLES 11 SP3 servers, but I'm stuck on this.
I can install NCS on the first server, and create the cluster object in eDir. I can see the cluster object in iManager after that.
But when I try to add the second server, I get the error from the title, even selecting the cluster object on the selection window (i.e. not typing its name).
I've searched a lot, and read the documentation, but no progress.
Can anyone help me?
Originally Posted by kjhurni
I'm assuming OES11 SP2, here.
When you installed the 2nd server, did you put just the OES stuff on (ie: no NCS)?
And then afterwards, try to add it?
I've installed both servers with NCS, just configured it later. By the way, there's some information I forgot to mention: these servers already has been part of a cluster on another tree.
When I first installed the servers, I was afraid to test on our production tree, so I put both of them on a test tree. I configured a cluster on this tree with no big problems.
Now I need these servers on our production tree, but I didn't wanted do merge the trees. I removed the servers from the old tree ("ndsconfig rm") and added them to the new one.
Another interesting thing is that if I create a new cluster on the second server and try to add the first one to it, I have the same error.
If so, is there an eDir replica of the cluster partition on the 2nd box? (it shouldn't be required, just asking)
Neither of the servers have replica. When installing ncs, I've pointed the server to one that have a r/w replica.
Also, you MAY have better luck asking this in the Cluster sub-forums (it's in the OES: Platform Independent section)
Sometimes changju stops by there, or my other colleagues that are more knowledgeable than I.
Oh, I didn't knew that was a specific forum to this subject. I'll give a try on it, so.
Thank you very much.