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Tomcat not loading images with mod_jk

Time:December 10
I have images stored in a database which when retrieved have the extension .tmp when I view these images using tomcat they are recognised as being jpeg or bmp files etc. and are displayed as images.
When the same images are viewed using tomcat through apache using the mod_jk module, the images appear as text.
If I try viewing the same images in apache on its own they appear fine. To repeat this, take a jpeg file and change its extension to .tmp place the file in a tomcat application, lookat the image using tomcat on its own //localhost:8080/myapp/myimage.tmp it appears fine, look at it using apache using mod_jk //localhost/myapp/myimage.tmp and it appears as text. Has anyone got any clue as to how to fix this.
I am using apache 2.0 with mod_jk 1.2.15 and jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28
Any help would be most appreciated, mod_jk drives me mad!!!. Thanks Mike.
webmail which i access through safari on my imac and ipad. For the last couple of days images have stopped loading with all my emails
Try emptying the cache on your iMac and iPad.
One the iMac with Safari open, press Command + Option + E on the keyboard. Quit and relaunch Safari to test.
On the iPad. Tap Settings > Safari. Tap Clear History then tap Clear Cookies and Data. Restart your iPad.

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