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Trouble with restoring Ipod in disk mode

Time:November 30
So i have a 30GB Ipod video that i am having trouble restoring.
I have reset it and it goes to the sad face with the exclamation mark.  I have gotten it in diagnostic mode and it looks like everything scans okay.  I then ran it in disk mode and it shows the white page that it needs to be restored.  Then it flashes "okay to disconnect" for a few seconds and the "do not disconnect"
Its hooked up to my laptop and have used mutliple USB ports.  It gets recognized under my devices and has the double chime noise that windows makes.  I right click onto the ipod to troubleshoot but nothing gets detected. The problem is i only have about 1 minute while its it disk mode and it says "do not disconnect" before it restarts.
what can I do (if anything) to make it stay longer in disk mode.  I have itunes open (which I have reinstalled multiple times) but it never pulls up ipod as the source or lets me sync it.
So if i bring it to the genius bar how much to they charge just to look at it.  I wonder if you thinks non repairabe that i should just put that money towards a new one.
After recharging it for at least 2 hours, do the iPod Disk Diagnostics, as posted earlier by tt2, it wont fix your problem but helps in troubleshooting.
There are 3rd Party iPod service clinic, that do free evaluation, just google for one in your Area.