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Unable to generate the output for S_ALR_87012048

Time:October 11
Dear All,
We are trying to execute the report  S_ALR_87012048 for the first period in 2015.  We have tried execute this report with report date 25.01.2015 (which is the last day in period 01), but it is giving no data was selected.
Can anybody suggest whether I need to give any further inputs to generate the output apart from the below.
Co.code : 9000
Reporting date : 25.01.2015 (which is the last day in our fiscal period 01 /2015)
Dep area : 01
Sort Variant : 03 (co.code / bs  accounts / asset class)
User able to execute this report in the last month successfully.
We have completed all year ending process as well.
I have tried execute this report in our quality system with reporting date as 31.12.2014 and 31.12.2015.
Do we need to give reporting date as year ending date ? or last date of current period.
Thanks in Advance.
Hi Prasad,
I do believe that you should consider the authorization side of the matter carefully as pointed out by Mahmoud on Feb 6th. Please check again the mentioned SAP Notes in that thread.
For example, I just tested in my system, I can trigger a report even in a closed fiscal year with a report date end of each period. The only difference is that I get a information message:
Report date is in a closed fiscal year
Message no. AU172
The report date is in the past.
Here the report date is allowed to be the end of the year as well as any
period end during the fiscal year.
System Response
In an asset report during the fiscal year (report date for a period end
within the year) in a closed fiscal year, it can be the case that the results
for depreciation or the net book value are different between the historical
calculation and the current calculation for the report date. The reason for this
are any changes to asset-related depreciation terms, such as the depreciation
key, useful life, and so on. In the case of such changes, the asset values are
recalculated with the currently entered depreciation terms.
In an open fiscal year and a report date end of period I do not get AU172 and get an output.
Beside above provided SAP Notes, also see another couple of SAP Notes with some interesting information are also:
1566099  Reporting in Asset Accounting
1491612  Authorization concept in FI-AA
1394450  Reporting: Authorization check for report assignment
929732    Authorization checks: Correction Note 856248
856248   Authorization checks in asset reporting