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Unable to select "show reminders" in ical

Time:October 11
I am unable to import my reminders into ical.  Everything I've read shows that I need to select "show reminders" under View in ical, but this isn't an option (It's not even that I can't select it.  It's just not there).  My reminders and calendar are all visible on icloud, just not visible together on my mac. 
Any help would be much appreciated. 
Sorry, no answer, but I have the same problem.  I was trying to research why shared reminder lists between my wife and I, who have different AppleIDs, seemed to no longer work.  We set them up originally using iCal on and shared them per the instructions we'd found.  They worked great, but seemed to be no longer working recently.  I finally got around to trying to troubleshoot but in no way can get the Reminders list to show in iCal on the website anymore (just like you found).  I was wondering if perhaps they were separating sharing functionality into the Reminders app but don't see it there either (nor even a Settings). 
Note we still have the reminder lists on our devices (even the ones that were "owned" by the other), however when you use them, it's as if they were only your personal lists - they share only on your AppleID.   Any help appreciated.