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Upgrading Wireless in PB 12", Latest OSX

Time:October 11
Morning all. My roomate has a 12" PowerBook. All of the network devices in my apartment are wireless. I'm running a Linksys WRT54G router on open firmware, a MacBook Pro first generation, and a Core Duo Mac Mini. There's also an xbox 360 on wireless. Point is, they're all G devices, and they work smoothly on the network. His laptop is causing network problems though, being a B device. All the G devices have to throttle back to B speeds when he connects, and on top of that his connection can be very spotty. Is there any way to upgrade his wireless hardware to the G standard? I'm very tech savvy, so installing the hardware would not be a problem for me. Thanks!
That's a shame. I figured for sure there would be a way to upgrade the airport card in the machine itself. I know PCMCIA etc are out of the question. A USB dongle is also a crappy solution I'm afraid. He's used to his machine being a smooth easy to carry item without extra accessories.
G networks throttle back the speeds when B devices connect, to maintain compatibility. The network is setup for B & G, or he would not be able to connect at all.