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Use AQ Adapter Header Message ID Value in BPEL Process

Time:October 11
Hi guys,
I'm trying to obtain the value of the message_id in a header variable created in a receive branch activity linked to an AQ Adapter, i've created the variable in the adapter tab of the receive activity and linked the message type variable with the InBound WSDL of the header. I want to use this message_id value obtained in the dequeue operation to set as correlation_id in a future enqueue. The question is, when i do a copy operation in an assign activity of the message_id in the first header variable (dequeue) to the second header variable (enqueue) the BPEL raises an error telling me that the variable was empty, can you help me with this? Am i doing the whole thing wrong? I'm using the 10g version on R3.
Thanks a lot!
Hi Anuj,
I selected "Receive" while configuring B2B adapter. While creating the BPEL process to receive the message, i have created it as Empty BPEL process "Define WSDL later". Then i configured the B2B adapter. In the Empty BPEL process i place a receive activity and wire the B2B adapter. Operation available in Receive activity is "Receive". I'm i configuring wrongly?