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Using mod_rewrite with mod_jk2

Time:December 10
Hi, recently i posted a query about how to manipulate url in tomcat. I'd found out that Apache server do have this mod_rewrite that allow URL to be manipulated before the server starts to look for the destination pages. But since my apps are running in Tomcat (it's servlets), is it possible that i use the mod_rewrite to change my URL that point to the web-apps in Tomcat? The scenario is:
1) i have a servlet that sits inside Tomcat with /abc as the directory. Thus the URL that i can use to call it with Apache linked to Tomcat is:
2) Becoz of some external constraint i need to use a URL with the below format to call that servlet:
So is it possible for me perform this task???
Thanks in advance.
i am facing same kind of problem i using servlet with tomcat.using path hide this path from address bar.