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Values update in T.Code : KSBT

Time:November 30
I need complete process (Document / details) on how the values updated in t.code : KSBT. Which is required to explain to the end user.
Appreciated your quick reply.
Normally you update your cost center planning in by following steps:
1- Overhead planning by KP06, you enter cost centes, cost elements and values (Can be manual or automatic through uploading of BDC"
2-  Upload your planning hirarchy and sales planning (COPA)
3- Transfer sales value from COPA to SOP by KE1K
4- Run LTP (long term planning.  MC8G,MS01
5- Transfer activity from LTP . KSPP
6- Post statistical Key Figures (SKF). KP46
7- Reconciliation of activity . KPSI
8- Splitting of activity. KSS4
9- Price Calculation. KSPI
following above steps will update KSBT automatically.  On the other hand, if you know you activity rates and you want to update KSBT manually you can do that in KP26.
I hope above will throw some lights
Ahmed Zain