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WEB SMS receiving problem. Please, give me some help.

Time:November 30
Hi, i´m having a problem with web sms receiving. I receive sms from another cellphones but i cant receive the web sms. Is there a fix for this?
I have a lot of services that send me web sms, like internet banking and others, so i cant use my services because my iphone cant receive this sms from web.
The code is too complex, so I can put all code at here. sorry.
The logic is:
a frame has a JDialog object,and show the JDialog object if need,all controls were added to the JDialog in the function jbInit() when the JDialog object was created.
The point that I want to know is what reasons may cause the problem.
thank so very much.
//--------------->> some code fragment
class MyDialog extens JDialog {
JPanel myPanel = new JPanel();
JButton myButton = new JButton();
public MyDialog() {
super(frame, title, false);
try {
catch(Exception ex) {
void jbInit() throws Exception {
myPanel.add(myButton, null);