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Why won't FLASH install on my 64 bit H.P.& y is it linked w /google chrome?!!! TRASH!

Time:October 11
How come i cant get this flash to STAY in my system>? i have a 64 bit system and it always says i "need plug in", plus it is linked to a google entire suiete of bull CRAP,when all i want to do is have my flash working properly.i unchecked the google down load since i already have it! AND..I HATE IT b.t.w.!!!! Still for some reason it will not take hence 1/4 of my online experiences suck because most places use this MESSED up FLASH program to run!! I never had this prob before! Im pissed and tired of messing w it! It is TRash THAT THEY USE THE "FLASH" UP DATER " TO link it w some trash google chrome! Very unprofessional! Since i have used your prod since win 95, and NEVER had these issues! I have LEARNED THAT I CAN NO LONGER COUNT ON ADOBE (*) TO MANAGE./RUN on my computer!!! As a result, i cant do much of any thing! even if i d.l. it every day--it simply will not "TURN ON!"---LIMITING THE VALUE/RESOURCES, MY COMPUTER CAN DO!! THIS IS A NEW H.P...I HAVE CHROME ALREADY..I HAVE EVEN UN INSTALLED CHROME AND RELOADED IT USING THE "FLASH " UP-DATER, EVEN THAT (!!!) WON'T WORK!!!!
    i am/ & always have been used to "ADOBE" TO BE A STAND ALONE PRODUCT & B4 THEY LINKED IT w/google Chrome, it has not worked since!!! it has been a year since i could stream any thing and my machine is tip top! You ppl let us down by linking it w/google! I used to use Adobe for security and resources, but now i hate to see the name, and IT IS THE REASON THAT MY MACHINE WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY!!!SKYPE & MANY OTHER PLACE/PROGRAMS NEED IT TO WORK!!!!! HELP!!!!!!
Dude, you need to calm down and take a break.  I am not a code writer nor a website designer, but this worked very easily for me.  I am a PC-er not a MAC user.  I have a Toshiba 64 bit machine using windows 7 and IE 9.  I know enough to really screw things up.  Here is the finished poduct
It worked for me with no problem.  There is nothing to actually download provided you have the free version of adobe flash on your machine to begin with.