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Windows 8 Consumer Beta Auto-Dimming issue?

Time:November 30
So installed Windows 8 last night (over Windows 7, since I'm not an avid user of Windows anyway). I fixed my trackpad issue, but my display auto-dims to a very low brightness for no reason. I have brightness control, but I'll change it, and less than 30 seconds later it will simply revert back to a low rightness. Is there a fix for this? Should I just go ahead and wipe it and do a clean install?
I think it's a problem with the ambient light sensor.
I had this problem and to fix it you need to go into the advanced power options and there is an option for auto-brightness. If you turn this off then the problem goes away.
On the system tray, click on the Power icon, and then Advanced Power settings, and the option is towards the bottom of the list.
I'm not on Windows right now so not 100% sure about the exact path, but its something along those lines.