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WL Server & apache 2 integration: mod_weblogic: could not create lock

Time:December 10
we're running Apache 2.0.50 as a front-end for WL Server 8.1 using mod_weblogic as the proxy.
We have to run Apache as a different user than the default LocalSystem account to be able to access a windows share. But when we set up Apache to run as a user (in the windows domain) the server will not start up. Looking at the error log I can see the following message:
[Wed Jan 26 16:10:37 2005] [crit] (OS 5)Access is denied. : mod_weblogic: could not create lock
The user has administrative rights on the server so I'm not really sure why mod_weblogic can not obtain a lock.
What is the lock it's trying to obtain?
has this been resolved by anyone in the meantime? I'm running into the same kind of problem. Here's my setup:
Apache 2.0.55, on Solaris 8, from Bea Weblogic Server 8.1 SP 2
When I have the following line in my httpd.conf file:
LoadModule weblogic_module modules/
I receive the following error in Apache's error log file:
[timestamp] [crit] (13)Permission denied: mod_weblogic: could not create lock
I am currently not running Apache as root. Without the weblogic module, it works fine.
I guess my main question is: what kind of lock is it trying to obtain? Changing the AcceptMutex parameter in Apache does not seem to help.

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