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Won't create Excell sheet accurately

Time:November 30
I have reports done in Excell with 4 sheets as pages. they
are all pretty much the same lay-out. All pages show normally when
looked at under print preview for Excell but only 2,3,and 4 convert
to Adobe properly. (I'm using 6.0 Standard). The bottom of 1
doesn't want to show up. I've tinkered a bit and had it show up on
a second page after converting but this is no good. It prints
normally in Excell. Any thoughts would be appreciated or if I can
send the report as an attachment somehow so you can easier see what
I am doing wrong.
The easiest fix is to format the receiving column as Text prior to making your entries.
Another way is to format as "Numeral System", Base: 10, Places: 5. This doesn't work so well if you need the 4 extra digits that some people like to use.
It's also possible to create a Custom Format, but it's rather more involved.